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Lochsa Lodge

Lodge Deck

Lochsa Lodge is located along the Lochsa River on US Highway 12 in north central Idaho. This river corridor and trail were used for generations by the Nez Perce Indians as they passed through the heart of the Rocky Mountains and the Bitterroot Divide on their way to hunt buffalo in Montana.

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery passed through here on their journey in September 1805 describing the areas ruggedness as nearly “insurmountable.”

“We set out early, the morning Cloudy and proceeded on Down the right Side of Koos koos kee (Lochsa) River over Steep points rockey & buschey as usial for 4 miles to an old Indian fishing place, here the road leaves the river to the left and assends a mountain winding in every direction to get up the Steep assents.” –William Clark, Wednesday, Sept. 15th, 1805.

From the Lodge you have access to the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness, Jerry Johnson hot springs and the Lolo Pass Visitors Center and Recreation Area, which was remodeled in 2002 and is located just 12 miles from the Lochsa Lodge. During the winter, cross-country ski and snowmobile trails are maintained. During the summer you can enjoy hiking on marked trails.

Lochsa Lodge is a family business, owned and operated by the Denton family since 1984. We strive to make our guests feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome.

The Main Lodge has a restaurant, tavern, gift shop and library/meeting room, but no guest rooms. Open every day. WiFi is available in the Main Lodge.


--Updated on November 08, 2014.

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