The Merc

Lochsa Lodge Country Store and Mercantile

country store & mercantile

The Country Store can be opened anytime during lodge operating hours if no store clerk is present; we are happy to help you!  Please come into the Main Lodge to inquire & pay. 


We sell diesel, unleaded, mid-grade, and ethanol-free premium fuel 24 hours a day.  Pay at the Pump.


There is no cell phone service in our neck of the woods, so we offer an old school payphone for your convenience.  $1 for 5 minutes anywhere in the USA.  

Idaho Fish & Game 

The Lochsa Lodge was founded in 1929 as a Hunting Lodge.  Staying true to our roots, we are an Idaho Fish & Game licensed vendor.  We sell hunting & fishing licenses as well as game tags and limited hunting and fishing supplies. 


Country Store — SUMMER Hours



Mon – Thurs










7:00am– 9:00pm 


If the Country Store attendant is not present or if you need anything from the store when the store is closed, please come into the Main Lodge to inquire at our reception desk. We are happy to open the store upon request whenever the main lodge is open.   The store has a variety of grocery items, snacks, sodas, beer, cigarettes, wine, propane, ice cream, bagged ice, & firewood.  We are an official vendor for Idaho Fish & Game offering fishing licenses, hunting licenses, game tags, and limited hunting and fishing supplies.