we’ve spent a long time along this rough water

Back before White settlement, the indigenous Nez Perce people gave the nearby river the name lochsa, or “rough water.” Our river has never been dammed and flows just as freely as it did back then. By 1929, when Andrew Erickson built the original Lochsa Lodge, this area was renowned for its wildness and drew sportsmen who traveled the trail from Missoula, Montana, or the Lolo Motorway from Kooskia, Idaho. 

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Lochsa Lodge
Lochsa Lodge got a little more accessible in 1963, when Highway 12 opened a route from Kooskia to nearby Lolo, Montana.

Generations of travelers, hunters, and thrill seekers have stopped a night or two at the lodge. When a chimney fire took down the original building in 2001, there was no question that the lodge would rise again — which it did in May 2002, using the same quality, sturdy craftsmanship that our original guests would have recognized.




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Since 1929

Something happens when you get way, way off the beaten path. Time gets a little slower. Your to-do lists go out the window. Out here, it’s just you and the Great Wild West, and this place is every bit as epic as the stories say. The stars are brighter, the rivers are wilder, the air is clearer, the snow is deeper. Heck, even the mountains seem higher. Before you know it, you’ll remember what it’s like to just be you, a little piece of this big earth.